Resonate Interior Architecture is born out of the desire to create memorable environments, exceptional spaces that engage with the occupant at many levels. The primary focus of the practice is Commercial Interiors, hospitality, retail and education environments. Resonate offers innovative crafting of space in three dimensions, the juxtaposition of materials and the manipulation of light and shade.

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Resonate Interiors is an award-winning boutique design house creating memorable memorable environments - special spaces that engage with the occupants on many levels. As well as designing interiors, they also design innovative ranges of furniture, carpets, and fabrics. Recently, the firm were selected by BUILD as the Most Outstanding in Luxury Interior Design – UK.

Resonate are different. They always strive to be exceptional, never ordinary enhancing everything they touch, with the aim of fully serving their clients and adding value to their daily working environment. Their designs are rooted in a combination of British and Scandinavian influences and wherever possible they promote British and Scandinavian companies. Agile, nimble and responsive, all of their projects receive their Principal Pernille Stafford’ time and input.

Since their inception in 2012, Resonate Interiors has built an impressive portfolio, filled with striking designs and innovative features. They have completed over 1.3M sq.ft for their clients who range from Financial/Banks to Tech firms and Pharma, Insurance and all that is in between. They have been fortunate to work with clients that truly embrace the design process and allow Resonate to really push the boundaries of what is possible. They also encourage their clients, through their designs, to consider the environment and share their value of treading lightly on the environment.

As a work family, they fully support and invest in themselves and others and as such their team works collaboratively with ease, sharing knowledge and ideas. That reflects onto their clients who they embrace throughout the design process and beyond.

Looking ahead to what the future holds, this dynamic design house will continue to deliver their extraordinary designs surpassing their clients expectations. Ultimately, Resonate Interiors aims to build upon the remarkable success they have had over the years for their innovative designs and are growing the practice steadily, building their brand that fully resonates with their clients. For a young practice they have had extraordinary success and have been recognised for their innovative designs, with their most recent achievement of being selected as BUILD’s Most Outstanding in Luxury Interior Design – UK.

As the industry evolves and becomes more aware of the impact on the environment, this is great news for Resonate who pride themselves on treading lightly on the environment – one of their core values that they live and breathe by, helping to educate their clients along the way. Flexible and agile working is the way forward. Therefore, reflecting this personability in an interior is one of the exciting challenges. The future for Resonate is a practice that holds people and creativity at its core, and this has enabled them to focus on a really shiny and bright future.

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Susan Nash, Director Resonate Interiors.

E: susan@resonateinteriors.com

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