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Who are We

Resonate Interior Architecture was born out of the desire to create memorable environments; through workplace strategy, sustainable design and creativity we deliver exceptional spaces that engage with the occupants on many levels. With a primary focus on commercial interiors and architecture, including Cat B Refurbishment and fit-out, Landlord Shell and Core + Cat A and Cat A plus, we also offer Educational, Hospitality, Industrial, Retail and Residential design services that combine our passion, knowledge and experience to deliver, harmonious, productive and mindful spaces.

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At Resonate we follow the RIBA work stages. We run Systemology through the whole studio, which allows our process’s to be truly aligned, coordinated, auditable and trackable at every stage. Each valued member of our work family knows precisely what their tasks are and where they are in the process.

Agile, flexible and hybrid working environments are the norm as businesses are looking at new ways of occupying space and collaborating with the importance of combining ESG values. From our first commission in 2012 to today, our multi-award winning studio delivers the same level of attention to creativity and detail in everything we do.

Treading Lightly

Treading Lightly or sustainable design, has long been a key factor at Resonate. Our Scandinavian heritage alongside each individual’s passion for human, social, economic and environmental sustainability drives our desire to utilise locally sourced products and materials, reducing carbon emissions and the impact of our designs.

We are proud to be Carbon Neutral and have a robust Carbon reduction plan in place to maintain and improve our efforts.

“Sourcing 50% from the UK, and where possible in an 100 mile radius from site, alongside our trusted partners” Pernille Bonser, Resonate CEO

Our Values

Curating meaningful and beautiful spaces through thoughtful design that nurtures creativity and collaboration.

A way of life. The lightest touch on our environment by incorporating sustainable practices through the design process.

Encompasses all who we work with. We build meaningful connections and relationships based on trust, respect and collaboration.


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